When This HR Leader and His Team Got Laid Off, He Responded in a Perfect Way

When This HR Leader and His Team Got Laid Off, He Responded in a Perfect Way

Outsourcing happens. Sometimes it’s an excellent decision for the company, and sometimes it is not, but regardless when it happens people lose their jobs. That is precisely what happened to Chief Human Resources Leader and General Counsel Marc Alifanz. (Full disclosure–Marc is a friend of mine, and he taught me how to use LinkedIn more effectively.)

Marc wasn’t alone in his job loss–the company decided to outsource the function, so the whole HR team lost their jobs. It’s depressing, but it happens. Instead of focusing on his own job hunt directly, Marc made a brilliant move that showed authentic leadership.

While we can all see the amount of interaction, what you can’t see on the post is the number of views. It’s currently creeping up on 200,000 views. When you’re looking for a job, there’s nothing more valuable than eyes on your resume.

I don’t know how many people clicked through to read the LinkedIn profiles of Danielle Millard, Rhiannon Russell, and Kaitlyn Hamblen, but that number has to be higher than zero.

We all can help other people. When we have bad things happen to us, we don’t lose our ability to help other people. Marc could have said to his staff, “Tough luck! See you!” After all, he just lost his job as well.

Instead, he did something to help them. They also know that their former boss has their backs, and they don’t have to worry about a lousy reference from him.

It also reduces the stigma of layoffs. Being laid off is not the same thing as getting fired for cause. This is outsourcing–it’s a business decision. Layoffs, by their very definition, are based on the company eliminating the position, not the person. Sure, if you have two people doing the same job and you need to eliminate one position, you’ll keep the best performer. But that doesn’t mean the person you let go was a poor performer.

Layoffs happen. I’m not opposed to them. I’m not opposed to outsourced HR in the right conditions, either. There are times when it is the best business decision.

When you’re looking to hire, don’t downgrade candidates who are currently unemployed–it could be through a layoff that is no fault of their own.

And if you have to layoff people, helping your staff find new jobs is the best thing you can do for them. And for you.

Source: INC

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