Workers worry their careers may suffer if they use flexible work options

Workers worry their careers may suffer if they use flexible work options
  • Nearly 30% of respondents to a Deloitte survey said they’d worry about using flexible work options because of the potential consequences to their professional growth and lack of trust from leadership. Deloitte released the findings, based on a survey of 1,000 white-color professionals, Feb. 20.
  • However, among those with flexible work options, 82% said they have used them, mostly flexible hours and remote work. Compressed workweeks and part-time scheduling were the least popular options.
  • “Each individual has their own unique needs in the workplace,” said Terri Cooper, Deloitte’s chief inclusion officer, in a media release. “Leaders can drive well-being within their organization by taking an inclusive approach to work flexibility and offering options that meet a variety of diverse needs. Through adaptable programs and supportive leadership, professionals will feel empowered to use flexible work options without fear of consequence.”

Flexible work options may no longer be a nice-to-have perk; for a growing number of job applicants, it’s an expectation, as an IWG survey revealed. In addition to finding that flexibility is now the norm, 80% of workers said they would choose a job with flexibility over one without.

Such benefits can have an impact on retention, too. In fact, a third of workers in a FlexJobs survey said they’ve left a job in favor of a more flexible one. The top reason was greater work-life balance, followed by more family time, the ability to save time and lower commuter stress.

Some employers have turned to unlimited vacation policies; others, like Shake Shack, have implemented a four-day workweek. But regardless of an employer’s offering, experts say HR can play a key role in ensuring employees feel empowered to use flexible work benefits. After all, they told HR Dive, such programs can reduce burnout and the many problems it creates.

Source: HR Dive 

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