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interviewmaestro asked 4 years ago

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Michael Tuller Staff answered 4 years ago

If you’re working with a recruiter, the first thing to do is touch base with him/her asap after your interview. Share your thoughts on how the interivew went, was the job in line with what you were told by the recruiter and the job description, how did the interviewer(s) leave off with you, and are you intersted in moving forward should the firm want to bring you back. It’s become a standard practice to sent a "thank you email" to the interviewer(s), generally keep this "short & sweet", concise and professional, WITHOUT any typos!

Don’t neccessarily expect feedback from the firm or the recuriter right away, and check with the recruiter after a few days if you haven’t heard anything. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear feedback as this is quite common these days.

Bob replied 4 years ago

Hi Mike, Thanks for the great advice. I have been doing it the same way. I have applied to this very suitable role directly to the firm. There is no direct contact number to reach out to. It’s been a month after giving 2 rounds of interviews. I keep following them every week. What should I do now? Should I just give up on this role?

Michael Tuller Staff replied 4 years ago

Hello Bob, It sounds like you’ve done everything you can. Unfortunately, it appears there is no further interest by the company; so it makes sense to move on. One thing I’ve learned is when a company is ready to move forward and really wants to hire someone, they will never let things slip through the cracks and even increase their offer to make sure that person joins the firm. Good Luck in your job search!

Bob replied 3 years ago

Yes you are right, I am moving forward now. Thanks for the inside knowledge of it.

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