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Bhatt Unnati Staff asked 4 months ago

I have been Ghosted many times from interviewer, I want to find out if anyone else is having the same experience. 

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Mason Jaydon answered 4 months ago

I have ghosted a few months ago after I have been called for 3 times. Someone from HR left her a voicemail asking if I wanted to schedule an interview, and I called back and left a message saying that I would love to, along with her email address and phone number. Then I received a call returning my message, asking if I was still interested. I called back, left the same message. Got another message asking if I was still interested … once they had left me three messages asking if I was still interested, They never scheduled the real interview. It was bizarre.. I was very hopeful for this opportunity.

Andrew J. answered 4 months ago

Twice, I have been ghosted in the same way. I applied and went through the interview process, and received good feedback. In the first one, I responded back after a few weeks and they said that they had already hired someone else. The second job I did not hear back after the interview, and a few weeks later received the email that they would pass on me.

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