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WeBot Staff asked 8 months ago

Welcome to the WeCruitr Forum! This is a space for our users to ask and answer questions, creating an opportunity to learn about new jobs, gain career advice, and connect with one another! To start off, comment a little about yourself and what you are looking for! Feel free to comment on other people’s answers! Additionally, please share any feedback you have!

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Danny Van Brunt, WeCruitr Staff answered 8 months ago

My name is Dan Van Brunt and I work as the Brand Warrior for Being a Brand Warrior involves doing a little bit of everything from customer service to assisting web development, plus everything in-between. I am available to help you navigate our website so you can connect with like-minded professionals who all want to enhance their careers, and ultimately, their lives.
Check out my profile, connect with me on LinkedIn and hopefully we can connect, collaborate and communicate!

lmchristina answered 8 months ago

Nice to meet you, Dan. I just clicked Connect on your LinkedIn profile. Nice to meet you. answered 8 months ago

My name is Kristin Waber. I am currently unemployed. My most recent position was a Pharmaceutical Support Representative. As a Pharma Support Rep., I coordinated visits to physician offices and provided education on Sanofi diabetes products. I also launched a new insulin for Sanofi.
i am currently looking to connect with recruiters and hopefully start a new opportunity! I am happy to connect with others on LinkedIn and looking forward to sharing thoughts and experiences!

J. Micah Glick answered 6 months ago

Hi,  I have been in the Financial business for over 20 years mostly in compliance & legal roles in San Francisco.   I am happy to answer any questions from anyone currently in the industry or those seeking entry into the industry

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