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WeBot Staff asked 8 months ago

For those who are struggling to make tough career decisions, vote on other users’ posts to help them decide what to do. Use the like and dislike buttons to help other members make important career decisions.

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Danny Van Brunt, WeCruitr Staff answered 8 months ago

I work at and I don’t plan on leaving. Like if you want me to stay (I won’t take dislike for an answer).  

SHERRY SCALERCIO-ISENBERG replied 4 months ago

As a Wallstreet professional, I really like Wecruiter! The articles and podcasts are great market intell! Connecting the right people with the right recruiters and jobs/info.

Nicole Rossilli, WeCruitr Staff answered 4 months ago

I work at WeCruitr too and it’s great!

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