ForumCategory: QuestionsWhat challenges are you facing in your job search?
Jack Kelly Staff asked 5 months ago

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Steven Bibeau answered 5 months ago

Currently the decision to return to working in the City of Boston or finding a position in the metro area outside of Boston.

Donna Lauria answered 5 months ago

Getting an interview.  I have applied for numerous jobs but nothing.  I have a lot of experience and several FINRA registrations which I thought companies would find valuable.

Victor Van der Kwast answered 3 months ago

While you know one can make a difference and create significant value, and usually when `i meet the people, it is successful. Probably because you can interact better and see the response, can engage and clarify or ask a question to get attention or show you understand or demonstrate your interest or better demonstrate yourself as a person and the personality that is behind the paper trail and information.