ForumCategory: AdviceWhat do I do if a recruiter asks for money upfront?
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Rylan answered 3 months ago

That sounds like fraudulent recruitment agencies. A recruiter will never ask candidates for money upfront. The hiring company/firm that is looking for suitable candidates pays the recruitment agency for its services in helping to identify the most suitable candidates for the available positions. Please be aware of this kind of fraud.

Sherry Scalercio-Isenberg replied 3 months ago

Absolutely NO GO in fact it’s A BIG LOUD ” F- OFF” ! Recruiters get paid by the hiring company! I know for sure as I’ve hired many people at all levels, WHEN I WORKED FOR big firms, ORACLE, FISERV, LOMBARD RISK MGT to name a few. I had budgets of $100k+ to pay Recruiters for their Candidate search services

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