ForumCategory: Share An ExperienceWhat drives you crazy about the job search?
careervoyager asked 3 years ago

2 Answers
Maria Hernandez answered 3 years ago

I am not getting a response for not selecting the candidate. The firm moves forward without letting me know, the company should email the applicant about moving forward with another candidate. I always wait for their reply and after sometime, I have to assume that I have been not selected for that position.

But after spending 6 month going through the motions and seeing no results, I knew I had to find a better strategy — and that strategy became more obvious when my friend reminded me that my job search was my job for the time being.

Velvet answered 3 years ago

A gentleman posts on LinkedIn that he is hiring my connection tags me and suggests I would be great at the job I reach out to him, request to connect, nothing, zilch, 0. I saw today where it was a month ago. I withdrew the connection request. Geez. So disrespectful.

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