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Shawn Miller asked 9 months ago

Can I start my elevator pitch from my college experiences or just start with the current job position? Please share yours…

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Lucas Josiah answered 9 months ago

If you are fresher then you can start with your college experience. But if you have a few years of experience, you can start with your current job experiences.

Here is my sample elevator pitch:

I’m a Senior Project Manager with a creative attitude to problem-solving with Angular, NodeJS and React JS technology. In my current position as Chief of Project Management at Google, my recent challenge has been [Explain about the Problem]. I introduced a new system and designed Lean training programs [Explain the solutions] to be carried out across all departments. I’m sure I can use my expertise to achieve great results with this initiative [Your offer].

Then You can say a little bit about your past company experiences which is a match to the job profile (5-6 sentences)

JetsFan1! answered 9 months ago

One aspect of the elevator pitch that I think is important is speaking with passion. Everyone knows the elevator pitch should be quick and concise to convey what you do, but delivering your elevator pitch in a laundry list type of fashion does not help and is comparable to simply reading off of your resume to start the interview.

Get the interviewer excited by speaking with confidence and passion about your career. Being proud of what you have done will indicate to the interviewer that you will be enthusiastic about your future work, within their company.

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