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WeCrowdsource Guidelines

WeCrowdsource Guidelines

We are excited to announce WeCruitr.io now offers recruiters the opportunity to post free jobs and crowdsource by using our Split Fee Placements and Finder’s Fee search functions!

The platform is FREE with no commission fees or charges. 

WeCrowdsource is about referring candidates to recruiters. If successfully placed, the person who referred the candidate will be compensated with either a Split Fee or Finder’s Fee.

Recruiter-To-Recruiter: Split Fee (e.g. 50%-50%, 60%-40%)

Candidate-To-Recruiter: Finder’s Fee (e.g. $100, $500, $1,000)

Opening your job to crowdsourcing is simple:

  • Select which options you are open to when posting a job
    • Split Fee
    • Finder’s Fee
    • Both (Selecting these options will show your job in the categories)

We suggest that you post a job open to referrals, refer a candidate where appropriate and start collaborating now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will apply to my job openings?

Our job board is open to all users on WeCruitr.io, as well as the general public.

What if I’m not open to Crowdsourcing?

You may post your job without the Split-Fee Placements or Finder’s Fees functions. You can simply forgo selecting either function when posting a job.

How do I trust a Crowdsourcing partner to pay me?

You should send/receive candidate résumés only after you have connected with the potential partner and exercised your own personal discretion to discern if they’re a trustworthy partner. We highly suggest for the parties involved to execute an agreement to ensure compensation.

Are there any hidden fees paid to WeCruitr.io like on other Split Fee Network websites?

No, we do not collect any fees at the moment.

What are the advantages to Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing fosters a collaborative environment where recruiters and candidates can refer someone who is a suitable and appropriate candidate for a specific role. 

What makes this Split-Fee/Finder’s Fee Network any different?

WeCruitr.io is different because the network consists of top-tier recruiters and candidates to connect, communicate and collaborate with. 

Expectations and Legal Statement

Expectations and Legal Statement

WeCruitr expects our users to follow the simple guidelines when interacting on our site, which are the following:

  • Members are to communicate professionally and respectfully with one another. 
  • There is no tolerance for inappropriate language or activities on our site.
  • Be honest with your split partner. 
  • No playing any games; please exercise moral discretion
  • We encourage members to create mutual agreements before working together and to honor any agreements made.
  • Make more money by placing more people.


Participating in Split Fee Placements/Finder’s Fees you acknowledge that WeCruitr.io, LLC is not responsible for any interactions and agreements made between members. Placement fees are not managed by WeCruitr.io, LLC.

WeCruitr.io, LLC cannot guarantee that messages and engagements occurring on the site will be viewed, read, or responded to by members.

WeCruitr.com, LLC does not guarantee the identity of any member. We encourage members to be honest and cautious when interacting. WeCruitr.com, LLC does not guarantee the validity of a job offer and cautions members to verify job offers before taking action. Members are solely responsible for verifying any member or job offer.


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