In 2021, when Paige West was a 23-year-old transportation analyst at her first job out of college, she realized she had chosen the wrong major and career.

“It was pretty high-stress, high output, a lot of deadlines,” West said. “There were people who were super passionate about that aspect, but I wasn’t one of them.”

West was losing sleep, and her hair, over the stress of being in an engineering field that she knew deep down wasn’t right for her. She regularly went to her job feeling nauseous. She did her work, but, needing relief, she turned down extra assignments and opportunities to get the professional engineering license that would have enabled her to advance within the company.

“When they would ask me ‘Where do you see yourself in five years at this company?’ I literally had no answer for them,” West said. “That’s when it became apparent I had to figure something out.”

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